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5. The Door


The Door

These images were all created with a 3D figure design program called Poser by Curious Labs

Once I'd created the characters in Poser I was able to reposition the figures however I wanted. In fact I couldn't work on the figures as a set - it was necessary to remodel each one individually before exporting it to Adobe Photoshop where I could position it in its group. Then the same procedure for the second picture, and so on.

It tells a story of course, but what that story is you'll have to decide for yourself. I started with a (more or less) clear idea but it soon took on a life of its own and went its own way.

For the record, my original inspiration was a sculpture by Antonio Canova - The Tomb of Duchess Maria Christina of Saxony-Teschen. Here's a picture.

Ron Hull

The Door part 1 The Door part 2 The Door part 3 The Door part 4 The Door part 5 The Door part 6