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Fractal Alchemy

a gallery of fractal art by Ron Hull

I've been been creating fractal images, on and off, for about five years. Fractal Alchemy is where I display my favourites.

Close this panel or click here when you're ready to view the fractals. Use the controls to move forward or back through the images and enlarge any you like. You will also have the option to view all the images on one page as thumbnails if you prefer.

The Style Selector at the top of the page allows you to change completely the way the page is displayed. Each style is based on one fractal image from the collection.

I hope you enjoy the images.

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What is a fractal?

A fractal is a shape which is generated mathematically.

While the form of a fractal can be very detailed and intricate the mathematical expression responsible for the fractal is usually quite simple. 'Zooming' in repeatedly on a true fractal shape reveals ever more structure - the details repetitive yet never quite the same.

Fractal forms abound in nature; a tree, a fern leaf, a cloud, a coastline, are all fractal in character.

Fractal art is where art and mathematics meet.

How were these images made?

I use Ultra Fractal to generate, combine and colour the fractal forms. Any further processing of the image, including mounting for web display, is done using Adobe Photoshop, although I've been trying a program called the Gimp more recently.